Propylaea is Today a Monumental portico

Located on the western side of the Acropolis, the Propylaea were built on ancient Propylaea built during the time of Pisistratus. The works of the Propylaea began in the year 437 BC, but was never able to complete since they were interrupted in 432 BC, a year before the outbreak of the Peloponnese War.

Propylaea is Today a Monumental porticoThe Propylaea is the name of monumental portico through which you access the Acropolis, a building that is one of the most spectacular man made hits during antiquity.

The Athenian architect Mnesicles had to face serious functional and architectural problems arising from the relief of the terrain and space available for construction, because the Propylaea were at the edge of the upper terrace of the Acropolis, at the boundary between the slope the upward path and the horizontal plane of the Acropolis.

The Propylaea was constituted as a central rectangular plan building occupying more than 18 meters wide and 12 meters deep and contained two wings. The central body covering an exterior facade and indoor, both formed six Doric columns that marked five-door access to the Acropolis, the being wider in the center, which was where ran the sacred way that ran processions Panateneas.

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Landscape with the essence of Scotland

The essence of old Scotland Highlands and Highlands, and whether to tune a little more, should be addressed to the Isle of Skye, the country’s largest, full of magical landscapes and stunning sites like Eilean Donan Castle.

Landscape with the essence of ScotlandIn less than 30 minutes by ferry sails from Mallaig brings us to the port of Armadale, the gateway to the island, to a world that seems to have been frozen in time, the beauty of ancient Scotland and the ultimate expression of hospitality and traditions of its people. One can not conceive a tour of the Scottish north without spending at least a day to this destination. This is what awaits us there:

Dunvegan Castle, Norman and surrounded by lush gardens where style, according to legend, fairies inhabiting since time immemorial. Nearby there is also a unique corner called Fairy Glen, where there are some curious rock formations that are precisely called “fairy chimneys”. At the north end of Skye is the small fishing port of Uig, wedged between formidable cliffs. From there departs the ferry that connects the island to other destinations in the archipelago of the Hebrides.

True, Eilean Donan is not exactly on the island of Skye but are passing, so it is inconceivable not to visit on this route by the Highlands. the fortress stands on a small island connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge old named Kyle of Lochalsh. Penetrate is inside is immersed in the oldest and fascinating history of Scotland. Not to be missed.

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The Clock Tower is the Most prominent Tourist

A building built during the second half of the fifteenth century that served as grounds communal council until the sixteenth century.

The Clock Tower is the Most prominent TouristThis building was originally built to protect the main entrance to the medieval city, but in 1676 a fire completely destroyed and rebuilt years later in Baroque style, adding a pinnacle inspired by the castle tower of the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague .

By the mid-seventeenth century it was incorporated a watch two plates from Switzerland, carved basswood with ornamental figures, setting it on top of the tower, with a face staring at the Lower City and the other side looking to the citadel.

At present, the interior of the tower houses the Museum of History of Sighisoara, and next to it is the residence where lived the famous Vlad III, a character who inspired the Dracula of Bram Stoker, rather also become a museum. The Clock Tower is a true symbol of this Romanian city and is located in the historic center of it, being also declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 by UNESCO.

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The old town of Sighisoara in Romania who Having different beauty

A complex civil and military architecture dating from the Middle Ages and that surprises visitors with its exceptional state of preservation, an attribute that has achieved its inclusion in the list of World Heritage sites Site by UNESCO.

The old town of Sighisoara in Romania who Having different beautyThe old town is made up of a fortified citadel (Cetatea Sighisoarei) extending on a promontory surrounded by steep hills that separate it from the call Lower Town.

The fortified citadel and its walls were built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries by the Saxons and Hungarians to defend settlers Ottoman attacks. On the promontory overlooking the citadel dominates the city. The wall surrounding the citadel has towers and bastions of the fourteen original towers still standing nine, in the case of the five artillery bastions, two of which are still preserved.

La Torre Tanners (Turnul Cositorilor) still shows artillery impacts suffered by the site of the Ottomans from the early eighteenth century. Other notable towers of the citadel are the Torre de los Herreros (Turnul Fierarilor), the butchers (Turnul Macelarilor) Launderers Tower or Tower of Tailors, and the Great Clock Tower, the most famous and representative of city. The towers are named after the trades, since at that time were true unions that defended the city and paid the maintenance of both the tower and the militia and weaponry.

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Mediterranean to the Red Sea through the Greatest works

That’s the adventure A cruise on the Canal de Suez, 163 kilometers of surprises from Port Said to Suez port in one of the most exciting routes we can do in Egypt.

Mediterranean to the Red Sea through the Greatest worksBefore there, ships sailing between Europe and the Middle needed weeks and months to reach its destination. Currently it is estimated that 8% of world seaborne trade passes through these waters. So do the cruise. But do not think that this is a simple maritime highway lined with golden sands.

This exciting journey starts already in the output port: Port Said, a cozy and fascinating Mediterranean city full of old mosques and beautiful gardens. There you can also admire the Monument to the defense of the Suez Canal.

Roughly halfway, sailing south, loa usually ships calling at the town of Islmailia. This town was born along with the channel, for there the hub of works directed by French engineer Ferdinand Lesseps, on Lake Timsah started. Continue reading

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Conciergerie with the Remnants of the Old city palace main

Residence and seat of the kings of France between the tenth and fourteenth centuries, historical property which is situated within the current Palais de Justice . This old building is in what is called the clock spring (Quai de l’Horloge) on the western tip of the Ile de la City.

Conciergerie with the remnants of the old city palace mainThis part of the former royal palace in Paris was converted into a state prison in the year 1392. This place of the Ile de la City had been occupied by kings and presidents since Roman times, but it was during the royal dynasty of Capet in the century the tenth century, who sought to demonstrate his power against the feudal lords, they decided to build a huge palace.

Originally prison occupied the ground floor of the building, next to the dock and between the two towers; The upper floor was occupied by Parliament. The prison of the Conciergerie was considered the antechamber of death, because during the French Revolution (second half s. XVIII) time very few prisoners were freed. Currently the Concierge is administered by the Center for National Monuments, government entity that holds as donation, by a decree of April 2, 2008.

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The Plaza Mayor of Krakow in the Heart of Poland century

A space that is part of the Old Town and centuries old buildings housing and urban design dating from the thirteenth century. This huge square of 40 thousand square meters is presented as the square of greater still existing surface of all medieval cities in Europe, and is considered one of the most beautiful historic squares in the world.

The Plaza Mayor of Krakow in the Heart of Poland centuryWithin the historic center of Krakow, it is noteworthy that the Plaza Mayor of the city (Rynek Glowny) houses most of the major sights of the city. Among its main buildings in the center stands the monumental Cloth Hall (Lonja of Textiles).

A building of the XVI century Renaissance, Gothic Town Hall clock, a construction of the XIII century, the impressive Basilica of the Virgin Mary, Century Building XIV containing the Great Altar and the small chapel of St. Adalbert, construction of the eleventh century.

As from the Middle Ages, the Square of Krakow’s city center, the point where residents and visitors give life daily in its many shops, restaurants and cafes. The Plaza Mayor is also the civic point of Krakow where the main both artistic and social events are held.

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Boracay in the Philippines as one of Heaven’s

This small island in the Philippines that has become in recent years a synonym for paradise on earth, thanks to the images and testimonies of the lucky travelers who have been enjoying a few days in their white sand beaches and crystalline waters.

Boracay in the Philippines as one of Heaven'sThe idyllic image of huts and fishing canoes on the beach is still there, just next to them have also proliferated hotels, restaurants, bars and shops specializing in diving. A number of modern amenities combined with dreamy landscapes that have made Boracay has been baptized and as “the Philippines Ibiza” And is that besides sun, beach and nature must mention the amazing nightlife of the island.

Everything is divided here into three parts, the three sections that form the main beach: White Beach, which is also the gastronomic heart of the island (there is even a Spanish restaurant).

Diniwid Beach, further north and where better has kept the original natural appearance of the beach. Here is the inconico Spider Hotel where the bamboo mimic a web; eventually include Bulabog Beach, surfers destination and watersports enthusiasts of all kinds. Continue reading

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Cape Verde Islands as a Major Holiday destination

These Portuguese islands off the African coast, just about four hours loa I strain from major European airports, offering an impressive array of varied natural beauty. Among them, Sal Island (Ilha do Sal) captive in a special way to all travelers.

Cape Verde Islands as a Major Holiday destinationAs you might guess, this land owes its name to the traditional salt production industry for centuries has taken place here. Even today you can see the structures used to extract the white gold of the sea, around which revolved local wealth until the arrival of tourism. Actually it was the only wealth of the island, the most arid and desolate Cape Verde (not in vain we’re on the same latitude as the Sahara desert). We could say that this is a piece of desert in the middle of the ocean, albeit with a spectacular skyline of beautiful beaches.

Besides sunbathing and swimming in crystal waters, Sal Island can enjoy various water sports and embark on the adventure of fishing the Cape Verdean style. No big crowds, just small and quiet fishing villages and some hotels. This is, therefore, ideal for those seeking a holiday in peace and tranquility.

The capital of the island is Santa Maria, to the south. It is the best place to enjoy the island’s seafood cuisine and sample local caipirinha. However, the major tourist attraction of the island are the salt in Pedro de Lume, where tourists can float on water as if they were in the Dead Sea.

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The Historic Wawel Cathedral to the Kings of Poland

An important Catholic church located on Wawel Hill in the historic city center of Krakow (Poland). Dedicated to the saints St. Stanislaus and St.

The Historic Wawel Cathedral to the Kings of PolandWenceslaus, this historic cathedral was the site of the coronation of Polish kings and today is the National Shrine of Poland. With almost a thousand years of history and its many treasures, Wawel Cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions in Poland.

Built between 1320 and 1364, the Wawel Cathedral has a Gothic style, being this building the third built in this place, since the first was built and destroyed in the eleventh century and the second, built in the twelfth century, was destroyed by fire in 1305. the construction of the present cathedral, the fourteenth century, was conducted by Bishop Nanker.

The cathedral has three naves with a transept, apse and ambulatory, was later added eighteen lateral funeral chapels Renaissance, among which the one dedicated to King Sigismund I, considered the greatest work of Polish Renaissance art.

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