Verruckt with Different attractiveness of a Place in another city

Certainly you have to be crazy to jump on the giant waterslide, the highest in the world, which will be opened in a few days at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City.

Verruckt with Different attractiveness of a Place in another cityFrom the top, at a height of 168 meters above the ground, it’s like jumping off Niagara Falls in a small car that can reach 100 km / h. Absolutely terrifying. and not at all reassuring to know that the opening of this super has had to be postponed several times due to problems with the structure, but maybe that’s part of the legend.

The advertising Verruckt not save matches to impress your clients: “It’s like jumping from the Empire State Building,” he proclaimed in his television ads for Extreme Aquatic Parks Travel Channel program.

The descent down the slide is so steep that draws nearly a right angle with the ground. To get to the top, to the starting point of this dizzying adventure, climb 264 steps exciting. There have to wait our turn in a constructed old railroad boxcars platform. Then, the accelerating decline, after which comes a small hump to slow the momentum before falling back to the final pool starts.

El Verruckt, once opened, pulverize the world record for the world’s largest water slide, until now in the hands of a slide of 41 meters in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. A miniature compared to Kansas slide!

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Lisbon different trend in the narrow streets of Alfama

Now besides those who visit the Portuguese capital will also jump on the historic tram, this olive green color, which provides a path visiting each and every one of the emblematic neighborhoods of downtown.

Lisbon different trend in the narrow streets of AlfamaThis route starts in Figueira Square, with daily departures from 10 to 17 hours every 20 minutes. The tour takes us first to the oldest part of the city, to meet the Lisbon Cathedral, the Largo das Portas do Sol, the Monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora and Largo da Graça.

From there, you discover the secrets of A Baixa, Chiado, Alfama and Bairro Alto. The journey takes about 40 minutes but passengers can get on and off at the stop wishing because the ticket is valid for a whole day. Best: the audio-guide system whereby, in Portuguese, French and English, we explain curiosities and details of the neighborhoods that make Lisbon one of the most special cities in the world.

Worst: the price, quite expensive. € 9 for adults and € 4.5 for children aged 4 to 10 years. But still worth embarking on this route. It is appreciated that lisboetas authorities continue betting on the tram, a means of transportation that is environmentally friendly and also profitable for the city.

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Havana is Undoubtedly one of the City contrasts

Located in the Caribbean, Havana is populated by old buildings, some of them in poor condition, in other cases, historic buildings that are still waiting to be restored, and the lucky ones were recycled as sumptuous hotels in recent years.

Havana is Undoubtedly one of the City contrastsWalk on the sidewalks and streets of Havana offers the best way to know what is considered the largest city in the Caribbean. During this exciting tour, visitors pass may have direct contact with its inhabitants. Cubans are very hospitable and friendly people, and a way to learn your habits is to know its exquisite cuisine.

As you can imagine the political history of Havana appears in each of its corners, and one of his main points is the most representative called Revolution Square, scene of mass demonstrations and witnessed the famous (and endless) speeches Fidel Castro for years.

Next to this square are important buildings, such as Jose Marti Mausoleum, dedicated to political and Cuban poet, the National Theatre and the Ministry of Interior, showing a giant sculpture of the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara face.

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Bygdoy Oslo Norway city that Attracts tourists

The Kon -Tiki Museum, the Viking Ships Museum , the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the interesting Norwegian Museum Cultural heritage ( Norwegian Folk Museum ) , locally called Norsk Folke museum .

Bygdoy Oslo Norway city that Attracts touristsThis museum focuses on the fascinating history of Norwegian culture , and is presented as an open air museum where one hundred fifty five traditional houses that illustrate well the rural architecture, history and culture of different regions of Norway is.

The larger buildings are set in an ethnographic exhibition dedicated to the Sami culture , through a collection of traditional costumes and other folk art .

Among the most important constructions are those of the Norwegian regions Setesdal , Numedal , Telemark and Gol , hence the picturesque wooden church (Gol Stave Church) the thirteenth century.

This church is one of the five medieval buildings at the museum. The show also includes activities with hosts locals wearing traditional costumes , plus numbers dances , craft sale , preparation of cakes, carriage rides and a playground of yore .

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The National Museum cultural history of Danish foreign

This conservation center and dissemination of Danish culture focuses most of his collection in historical documents chronicling the history and cultural heritage of Denmark, as in other Nordic countries and Greenland ( an autonomous region within Denmark).

The National Museum cultural history of Danish foreignInstalled in a large eighteenth century rococo mansion that housed the King Frederick V , the National museet is situated in the district of Stroget in the historic city center of Copenhagen.

The vast collection of the museum spans chronologically from prehistoric times , the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, also containing objects and art pieces such as furniture and various works of art . Among the most important objects are exhibited to the public the Gundestrup Cauldron , the rune stone and solar Kingigtorssuaq Shopping Trundholm .

The museum also has a large coin collection containing different currencies belonging to ancient Rome and Greece , as well as examples of coinage and coins of different cultures.

Among his most notable exhibits are called ‘ Stories of Denmark ‘ , which makes a representation of three centuries of history of the country and also dedicated to children in the space called ‘ Children’s Museum ‘ .

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The Open Air Museum relics of the state of Denmark

The Open Air Museum ( Open Air Museum ) is presented as an outdoor museum where visitors can learn about the history and culture of the Danish population through a sample exhibiting fifty farms, houses and mills, who populated the territory between the mid-seventeenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

The Open Air Museum relics of the state of DenmarkHistoric buildings and gardens are filled with the surrounding landscape that give visitors a real experience and shows the history and the rural environment in which the inhabitants of Denmark lived in the past.

Part of the group of institutions in the Danish National Museum, the Open Air Museum was opened in the late nineteenth century and currently covers an area of 40 hectares , so it is considered the oldest and largest museums in the existing outdoor worldwide. Annually receives a quarter of a million visitors at its facilities in Lyngby .

Each region of Denmark is virtually displayed in this ethnographic museum, as well as the Faroe Islands and the ancient Danish regions in southern Sweden and northern Germany .

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Visit the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Copenhagen

Located in the heart of the Danish capital , street Stroget is presented as a popular tourist attraction and is the longest pedestrian street in Europe .

Visit the most famous tourist attractions in the city of CopenhagenStroget is the ideal start to know the center of Copenhagen street , since this important pedestrian street leading to important points of the city as Radhuspladsen ( Town Hall Square ) to the southwest, or the Kongens Nytorv ( Kings Square ) to the northeast.

On its way through major points of the city, as Frederiksberggade , Nygade , Vimmelskaftet and Ostergade streets besides the Nytorv , and Amager Gammeltorv squares. Stroget is a street famous for hosting some of the most famous and exclusive shopping in Copenhagen as Illums Bolighus department stores , Magasin du Nord store or historic Royal Copenhagen ( Royal Porcelain Factory ) .

Among luxury shopping Stroget houses exclusive brands such as Prada , Max Mara , Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Hermes and Boss , most of them towards the end of its run, facing the square Kongens Nytorv . Stroget became a pedestrian street in November 1962 , when the vehicle traffic congested began in the old town .

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The Zoo de Vincennes offers an experience worthy of the XXI century

The numbers are impressive: five biospheres , 16 natural habitats , over 180 species and a total of one thousand copies are living in these huge facilities of about 100 thousand square meters.

The Zoo de Vincennes offers an experience worthy of the XXI centuryA glorious and expected revival for this park had to close due to their poor state of preservation and management system , which had remained unchanged since it opened back in 1934 . Today the Zoo de Vincennes again offering a trip to nature wilder and authentic a short distance from the center of Paris.

Four miles of winding paths, a greenhouse, lush green open spaces and new fences or railings , a smart modulation of the landscape that separates visitors from the animals. There is an idealized version of natural habitats and fascinating characters , whose wild side is shown in greater transparency. In this sense , this is the antithesis of Euro Disney , also in the French capital.

Instead of species or families , animals in the Zoo de Vincennes were grouped into five areas and regions of origin : Madagascar , Patagonia , Guyana , Europe and the Sahel region , the largest of the five . A fascinating journey around the planet.

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Use of Cable Car as one of the great iconic California city

No traveler passes here without mounted on it to walk around, up and down steep slopes and enjoy a unique experience.

Use of Cable Car as one of the great iconic California cityThe first electric city tram began operation in 1873 ( until then had only carriages shaped wagon pulled by horses ) and since then his reputation has grown so that in 1964 it was declared a National Historic Landmark and still continue running like the first day , despite the high maintenance costs . And we are talking about something that is much more than just a tram , it is a symbol and a prime tourist attraction .

If you plan to visit San Francisco you do not miss the chance to get on the Cable Car and explore the neighborhoods of the city thanks to its most popular lines: Powell -Hyde , which begins at Powell and through Union Square, Nob Hill, Russian Hill and Lombard Street the Powell- Mason, I get your near the sea, in North Beach , down to Fisherman’s Wharf and California Street, running through the business district , Chinatown and Nob Hill.

And after the trip if you ‘ve been wanting to know more of the lovely San Francisco trolleys , its history and trivia, do not forget to visit the Cable Car Museum , one of the most famous and visited the bay.

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Enjoy beautiful scenery for Shooting movies tunisia

The adventure begins east of the city of Tozeur, in Sidi Boulhel , where the capture of R2- D2 from the Jawas and Tusken attack Luke was filmed. A little further north , where it extends the great salt lake of Chott el Djerid find naturalesque scenarios appear in three films in the series : The Wars (1977 ) , Attack of the Clones ( 2002) and revenge of the Sith (2005 ) .

Enjoy beautiful scenery for Shooting movies tunisiaThere was also much exterior shooting scenery , especially to recreate the desert planet of Tatooine, no buff saga fails to visit when traveling to Tunisia.

And Tatooine ? Actually his name is Tataouine , a small village famous for its Berber dwellings Kshar round ceiling calls to the crew of The Phantom Menace (1999 ) conditioned to recreate the people of the desert planet slaves , doing a tribute to the hospitality of its people , and was baptized .

After all these shootings , the structures were abandoned and wind erosion began their slow work of destruction. Tourists who hire the Tor Star Wars on their trips to Tunisia are witnesses. Despite its decline, Tatooine and other places where these movies were filmed remain a major source of tourism revenue for the country.

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