Leicester Square as one of the Historical city of London

Leicester Square, besides being a historic square in central London (West End), is also the area that has the largest range of entertainment and leisure of the British capital.

Leicester Square as one of the Historical city of LondonCurrently the area surrounding this square is surrounded by numerous cinemas, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, all designed to offer entertainment that converts a one of the busiest parts of London, especially at night and on weekends .

The pedestrian Leicester Square is located in the heart of Soho district, west of Charing Cross Road, north of Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus east.

Leicester Square has the largest number of theaters in London, which is known as Cinema Land, housing east of it to the Odeon hall with a seating capacity for 1700 spectators. In theaters in Leicester Square are frequently performed major world premieres such as Harry Potter films or James Bond. Family tourism is also interesting options with attractions like the chocolate shop M & M’s World London or the enigmatic Museum Ripley’s Believe it or Not! of London.

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How to be able to find the old side of Amsterdam

The most important section is the religious buildings of the Oude Kerk ( Old Church) and Zuiderkerk ( South Church ) , the Nieuwmarkt square since the Waag , the Red Light District , Chinatown , and various museums such as the Rembrandt House Museum ( Rembrandthuis ) Hebraico Historical Museum ( Historisch Museum Joods ) and the hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.

How to be able to find the old side of AmsterdamDedicated to St. Nicholas, the church Oude Kerk is the oldest religious building in Amsterdam (XII century) , a historic church preserved a baptistery , a former sacristy and homes dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries at the height of his sanctuary .

Currently this old church provides a framework for cultural events such as exhibitions , concerts and theatrical performances. The Zuiderkerk ( South Church ) was built in the early seventeenth century and was the first Protestant church in Amsterdam. During the summer months the tower ( Zuidertoren ) is open to the public, offering spectacular views of downtown Amsterdam. Zuiderkerk currently houses the Municipal Information Centre , which exposes the urban history of the Dutch capital.

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Enjoy the platform that Crowns the Space needle

Amaze tourists and contributing to a futuristic skyline of Seattle and spectacular shows. We refer, of course, the famous Space Needle, the “Space Needle”, a tower of 184 meters since 1962 is located in the very center of the city.

Enjoy the platform that crowns the Space needleUnforgivable visit Seattle without climbing to the top of this avant-garde luxury viewpoint, which can be reached thanks to fast elevators that lead to the top of the building in just seconds. The views that await us there are prodigious: not only can see the center of the city and its major buildings but also the Olympic Mountains and the Mountains of the Cascade Range, the snow-capped Mount Rainier and Mount Baker and as a great view of Elliott Bay and the islands.

What’s more, the platform that crowns the Space Neddle, known by the residents of Seattle as the floating disk, the eye of the needle or the Emerald Suite, the lavish Sky City restaurant offers typical Northwest US with many sailors delight, and rotates 360 degrees in exactly forty-seven minutes. Lunch or dinner up there is an unforgettable experience.

The national holidays or when it comes to special occasions projecting from the Space Needle a powerful beam of light vertically into the sky. Is Sky beam, powered by 85 million lamps. IF you are lucky enough to visit the city when lit, you’ll get a fantastic picture memory.

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The exclusive district of Coral Gables

The most exclusive and glamorous Miami has the pool world’s largest freshwater: Venetian Pool, one of a kind, so beautiful pool as colossal empties and refills daily during the hot summer of Florida to maintain the clean waters.

The exclusive district of Coral GablesBuilt in 1924 on an abandoned rock quarry, this public pool underwent a major refurbishment and a new design with the intention of creating a Mediterranean corner to the United States.

The image most famous Venetian Pool is its long panoramic bridge next to “dock” where berths gondolas that according to the original design, the pool had to travel from one to the other extreme are. Hence the name of Venetian.

The pool is also connected to a series of natural caves that swimmers can explore freely, which gives an added adventure to our dip at The Venetian Pool. Adventure controlled, safe and with all amenities. In fact, the water is incredibly clean and clear, thanks to its unique natural filtration system. Continue reading

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Monument fires that Occurred in the City of London

The Monument to the Great Fire of London, better known as The Monument, a huge column reminiscent of those killed in the fire that devastated the city in 1666. Built is by the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren (Cathedral of St. Paul) between 1671 and 1677.

Monument fires that Occurred in the City of LondonThe Monument is presented as a Doric column made of Portland stone that rises to 61 meters high, and is crowned with golden urn shaped fire.

The western side of the base of the monument is emblematic sculpture of Caius Cibber, with high and low reliefs depicting different scenes of horrific fire seventeenth century. The Monument is located at the intersection of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill, 61 meters from where it started the Great Fire.

The monument is open to the public and can be accessed at its peak climbing a narrow spiral staircase of 311 steps. The top of the monument offers a spectacular view of the area where the River Thames Tower Bridge located, and the business area of the City Londoner.

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London city center with Beautiful views

Central London is the term with which it is commonly called the center of the city of London, which although has no official definition of the area covered by the point that measures the zero kilometer from where the road distances are measured to London the city center is situated.

London city center with Beautiful viewsThis central point is at the Charing Cross and is marked by the statue of King Charles I at the junction of the Strand, Whitehall and Cockspur Street, south of Trafalgar Square.

Currently central London can be divided into three parts: east The City (City of London), the historic center of the city of London; to the east the West End, composed mainly of the district of the city of Westminster and the area of the South Bank, covering the southern bank of the Thames.

Central London is the true heart of London, an exciting area where tradition, culture, trade and most innovative city is mixed. In this part of London visitors can discover the historic treasures in important areas such as the British Museum, or visit historical sites such as the famous Westminster Abbey or admire a spectacular panoramic view of the city from the famous London Eye.

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St. Moritz to the white snows of Zermatt

That’s the Glacier Express route, which has been described as the most beautiful panoramic train in the world. Eight hours of slow and spectacular drive over two thousand meters into the landscape of the Alps in the background, through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges.

St. Moritz to the white snows of ZermattWith its large panoramic windows, Glacier Express passengers can enjoy an amazing view as the Rhine Gorge, a canyon 400 feet deep, the Alpine Oberalp Pass and the imposing summit of the Matterhorn. All seasoned with endless forests, frozen lakes and charming mountain villages. Landscapes that leave us breathless.

The last stage of the journey has gift: the ability to crown our journey to the heights on board the cable car at higher altitudes in Europe that leads to the summit of the Klein Matterhorn. There awaits a panoramic viewpoint to 3883 meters in height that make us feel very small.

Of course, this fabulous adventure is priced at 128 € if we travel in first class and about 220 € at first. But that seems expensive worth, who has traveled in this train knows. In addition to everything written above should be noted the high degree of comfort offered by this train snows roof of Europe. It’s worth a little more scratching your pocket and enjoy the delights of the restaurant car. You have never eaten better views.

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District Pletzl one of the Beauties of Paris

The district Pletzl is the area mainly inhabited by the Jewish community since the thirteenth century. About six centuries ago, the Parisian Jews were expelled from the historic center (Ile de la Cite) outside the city wall, settling in what is now the district of Le Marais.

District Pletzl one of the beauties of ParisPletzl had its resurgence in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century (until WWII) era in which it received the arrival of tens of thousands of Ashkenazi Jews arrived from Eastern Europe, population fleeing persecution and pogroms.

Today, the community that inhabits this neighborhood is mostly orthodox and very religious, and most of it belongs to one of the three local synagogues one located at 17, rue des Rosiers, another at 25, rue des Rosiers and is at 10, rue Pavee, a modernist temple designed by French architect Hector Guimard, known for his work art nouveau to the Paris Metro.

Currently this neighborhood of Le Marais is characterized by the concentration of synagogues, as well as typical shops, butchers, delicatessens and sellers Jewish falafel, commercial spaces that are part of the social and cultural fabric of the inhabitants of Pletzl.

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View of the square of the Oldest Paris

This historic green space is crossed by the line of the districts III and IV of the French capital.

View of the square of the oldest ParisThe Place Vosges is one of the most important historical attractions of Paris, a space decorated by its lime groves and surrounded by 36 pavilions on arches, built mainly in brick and stone arcades and window frames.

Formerly called Place Royal (Plaza Real), this space was renamed Place Vosges in the eighteenth century in honor of the department of Vosges (eastern France), the first in the country to free tax during the French Revolution. This square was made by order of King Henry IV, in the early seventeenth century.

Its construction was given by Louis Metezeau, the ‘architect of King’ Henry IV. Because of its similarity this square is called the “twin sister” of the Place Ducale in Charleville-Mezieres, which was previously built (1606). Continue reading

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Travel to Tunisia with Beautiful beaches

Embark on the adventure of exploring and discovering the beauty and secrets of the interior. One is Ksar Ouled, a fortified city built with adobe in the fifteenth century. One of those places that take the traveler to another time and leave you speechless.

Travel to Tunisia with Beautiful beachesPerched atop a hill in the desert, like all the barns in the region, Ksar Ouled has reached our days almost intact and still used, although not as in its heyday, to store food in one place cool and dry behind thick adobe walls and wooden doors palm. Some have been converted into hotels and others are used as housing.

But most tourists coming to Ksar Ouled are motivated by other interests. And here and in the neighboring town of Tatouine, located about 15 kilometers to the northeast, were filmed several scenes of one of the films of the Star Wars saga, namely “The Phantom Menace”.

In honor of the hospitality of the people of the region and their collaboration during filming, George Lucas named the planet where the action as Tatooine. But this is not the only scenario rolled film in Tunisia: in Achim, on the island of Djerba, is the famous cantina in which Luke met and Han Solo, while in the village of Mos Eisley is the house the Obi Wan Kenobi living in fiction.

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