Tourist center of the hot springs in the UK Unique spring

Being a tradition bathrooms since the time of the Celts and later the Romans, who used the sources to build Monumental baths. Only in the eighteenth century, the British turned Bath into a fashionable seaside resort , to this day exploiting the healing powers of its waters.

Tourist center of the hot springs in the UK Unique springToday, the tourist epicenter of this spring , is the resort Thermae Bath Spa, a space which remained closed for nearly three decades and reopened its doors recently in 2006 . Currently, this resort is known as the only thermal water spa in the UK, and attracts hundreds of visitors every day from all parts of Europe.

For new installations of Thermae Bath Spa has its main building , which shows a successful combination of the contemporary and the ancient, combining elements and earth materials such as glass , stone , water and light. This spa resort offers a wide range of wellness services , among which different treatments and therapy with volcanic hot stones , hydrotherapy , body massages, facials , etc. .

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London full of Wonderful new monument Enjoyed

The new great architectural landmark of the British capital rises to a height of 114.5 meters , which makes the work of the UK ‘s largest art . But it is not their height, but their striking appearance , which makes this work conceived by Sir Anish Kapoor and designer Cecil Balmond . Those who dare to climb to the top of the Orbit tower to enjoy beautiful views of London has to climb 455 steps to the two platforms. They say the effort is worth it .

London full of Wonderful new monument EnjoyedThe ArcelorMittal Orbit in London has been described by critics as a rollercoaster collapsed , a crane designed by a madman or even a gigantic mountain of scrap parts . A metal version of the Tower of Pisa , due to its inclination.

In any case, no one can argue the importance of the tower, at least as a gazebo, panoramic competing in the London Eye ferris wheel and the roof of Shard, on the Thames . Moreover, this fanciful tower sculpture shows a rare side of the city , while offering a curious spectacle for tourists , with its red tubes that twists like spaghetti on the plate with the Olympic Stadium as a backdrop .

The entrance to the Orbit Tower costs £ 15 for adults (cheaper than the Shard !) , And we are confident that with the arrival of warm weather , enjoy great popularity among tourists and Londoners themselves.

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City of Bath in the UK as a Destination

The international importance of this legacy has made the city of Bath is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Bath offers all kinds of attractions for tourists.

City of Bath in the UK as a DestinationFrom the monumental Roman Baths and the historic Pump Room , the former abbey of the fifteenth century, the impressive Royal Crescent and splendid buildings in Georgian invite to walk this magnificent English town .

Bath also offers a large shopping center with upscale stores , as an important cultural attractions with its many museums , and various entertainment venues such as pubs and restaurants.

Undoubtedly Bath has everything to get your visit thoroughly . In this great historical heritage housed Bath also adds a stunning natural environment that surrounds and constitutes one of the most beautiful parts of England .

Like the ancient Romans, today the tourists coming to Bath can enjoy the unique natural hot springs around the UK, in the impressive spa facilities Thermae Bath Spa. The Romans greatly matched when they decided this picturesque town built there . A visit to Bath is enough to enchant her.

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The world celebrates the lights in the city California Bay Lights

This is a monumental light structure deployed on Bridge San Francisco -Oakland Bay to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its opening .

The world celebrates the lights in the city California Bay LightsThe creation of American artist Leo Villarreal includes 25,000 LED lamps that extend along the nearly 3 km long bridge , between Yerba Buena Island and the city of San Francisco. Initially conceived as a temporary installation to celebrate the anniversary , the success pushed city officials to make it a permanent attraction that shines each year between the months of March and April. An attraction that costs about $ 8 million .

But the investment is worth it because it has gotten revive tourism in the city that opens its arms to welcome visitors from around the country and outside the United States . If you travel there on days when The Bay Lights illuminates the city will find a host of exhibitions, parties and special events , tastings and special menus from ethnic food to concerts and festivals.

Since its opening , The Bay Lights has received widespread public support and a very positive reaction from city residents . A good excuse to go there and feel the magic of San Francisco.

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The British Isles with its beautiful beaches to Be enjoyed

One of them is in Wales , Rosshili Bay , the best beach in the UK according to a recent online poll published by a well-known travel and tourism portal .

The British Isles with its beautiful beaches to Be enjoyedRhossili Bay is located on the Gower Peninsula , a few miles west of Swansea, and these votes has succeeded in imposing the regions where traditionally the most famous and popular beaches are located : Dorset , Cornwall and even Scotland. All thanks to its nearly 5 miles of golden sand at the foot of a high cliff , in a wild and evocative natural setting.

Perhaps because of this award Rhossili Bay stop being lonely and charming place that has been so far. A well kept secret only shared by surfers , hikers and paragliding. The village of Rhossili is also full of fascinating stories , such as the wreck of the Helvetia, a cargo ship that ran aground near the coast in November 1887 and whose remains can still be seen scattered along the beach.

Now you also know the secret safe you’ll want to know this fantastic beach . To get there by car , take the A4118 from Swansea Road and follow the signs that read ” Rhossili .” The other option is to use public transportation . Several buses connect the town with Swansea City daily.

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Enjoy the Beauty of a list of the Best hotels in the World

This building, which originally belonged to a congregation of Carmelite nuns now belongs to the British chain Orient Express Hotel, who spent four years restoring , in order to preserve their cultural heritage with the highest fidelity and that just opened this month.

Enjoy the beauty of a list of the best hotels in the worldCustomers of this palace in the heart of Cusco privileged have a private butler at your service throughout your stay. The hotel has 55 suites and, true to his vocation as a bridge between the historical and the contemporary, offers the first outdoor pool in the city and a spa with aromatherapy treatments from plants native to the region .

Some of the suites are marked with a letter Z (not Zorro but the word Nazarene ) , indicative that they have something special and unique in its interior, such as a piece of the old Inca walls or any other colonial vestige . Continue reading

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Museum of East as part of the East Foundation

Museum of East is a broad cultural space dedicated to oriental art with particular emphasis on the Portuguese presence in Asia. This Lisbon museum is part of the East Foundation and was opened in 2008 as a result of an investment of 30 million euros to condition the large port building Pedro Alvares Cabral, Regulatory Commission Trade Cod and convert modern cultural space.

Museum of East as part of the East FoundationThis museum houses several important collections Portuguese with the art of East and principal themes in their historical, religious , anthropological and artistic aspects. The museum maintains a permanent exhibit that includes approximately four hundred thousand pieces and allusive objects of the Portuguese presence in Asia and more than six hundred objects from the collection Kwok On. The collection includes pieces and Indo- Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian , and contains objects from ceramics , textiles , furniture , paintings and masks.

One of the museum is dedicated especially to the former Portuguese colonies in the East, recalling the time when Portugal was a dominant mercantile power in the Spice Route . Catholic reference to Asia and Asian multicultural society , with the display of crucifixes, ornaments and antiques, as well as maps and drawings of the colonial era is also made .

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Enjoying a Beautiful Manarola Sea View Terrace home

From the terraces enjoy magnificent sea views but the most spectacular view you get right in the opposite direction : from the sea , admiring the beauty of a colorful town that spill down the side of the mountain to the water.

Enjoying a Beautiful Manarola Sea View Terrace homeIt is the great post that gives us one of the five small towns of the Italian Riviera that make up the Cinque Terre , five wonders five beads to a string connected by tourist train and a pedestrian walkway that runs between cliffs and vineyards : Monterosso , Vernazza, Corniglia , Manarola and Riomaggiore.

The small harbor of Manarola (although port call is something extremely generous ) is actually a long boat ramp. By not having this fishing village has no beach, just a staircase carved into the rocks by the more adventurous lovers encentro swimming down to the most authentic Mediterranean. Continue reading

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Gulbenkian Museum as The most important Art museums

Part of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon this museum houses and displays a grand collection of objects and pieces of ancient and modern art depicting the Egyptian , Greek, Roman , Islamic , Asian and European art.

Gulbenkian Museum as The most important Art museumsThe Gulbenkian Museum holds a permanent exhibition offering visitors two independent circuits , first one dedicated to oriental and classical art, and secondly an itinerary specially dedicated to European art . The collection of the parts and works collected by philanthropist and collector Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955) consists of about six thousand objects , of which only a thousand of them are on permanent display.

The circuit of the museum dedicated to Oriental and Classical Art features pieces of Egyptian, Greco- Roman , Islamic , Chinese, Japanese , and European Art has objects dating from the eleventh century to the mid-twentieth century. The collections include sculptures and paintings of great masters such as Degas , Manet , Rubens, Turner or Guardi among others, and decorative art objects , which emphasizes the collection of crystals and jewelry by Rene Lalique .

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Black Hawaii beach to So Unique Attractions

Today we traveled to Punaluu , the most famous and spectacular black sand beach in the world . We found on the coast of Kau , south of the main island of the archipelago.

Black Hawaii beach to So Unique AttractionsThis particular beach is located within the boundaries of the National Park Hawaii Volcanoes , near the town of Naalehu . You can not travel to these islands without visiting Punaluu and enjoy an amazing show. Tourists, curious and photography enthusiasts come every day to this lonely corner to walk barefoot along the black sand and feel the magic of a truly different from other beach.

But there are not only tourists , also frequent Punaluu green sea turtles , called the Hawaiian honu , an endemic species that chooses these black sand beaches for sunbathing and lay their eggs. For beautiful they are, are a protected species and is forbidden to touch them. Continue reading

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