District Pletzl one of the Beauties of Paris

The district Pletzl is the area mainly inhabited by the Jewish community since the thirteenth century. About six centuries ago, the Parisian Jews were expelled from the historic center (Ile de la Cite) outside the city wall, settling in what is now the district of Le Marais.

District Pletzl one of the beauties of ParisPletzl had its resurgence in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century (until WWII) era in which it received the arrival of tens of thousands of Ashkenazi Jews arrived from Eastern Europe, population fleeing persecution and pogroms.

Today, the community that inhabits this neighborhood is mostly orthodox and very religious, and most of it belongs to one of the three local synagogues one located at 17, rue des Rosiers, another at 25, rue des Rosiers and is at 10, rue Pavee, a modernist temple designed by French architect Hector Guimard, known for his work art nouveau to the Paris Metro.

Currently this neighborhood of Le Marais is characterized by the concentration of synagogues, as well as typical shops, butchers, delicatessens and sellers Jewish falafel, commercial spaces that are part of the social and cultural fabric of the inhabitants of Pletzl.

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View of the square of the Oldest Paris

This historic green space is crossed by the line of the districts III and IV of the French capital.

View of the square of the oldest ParisThe Place Vosges is one of the most important historical attractions of Paris, a space decorated by its lime groves and surrounded by 36 pavilions on arches, built mainly in brick and stone arcades and window frames.

Formerly called Place Royal (Plaza Real), this space was renamed Place Vosges in the eighteenth century in honor of the department of Vosges (eastern France), the first in the country to free tax during the French Revolution. This square was made by order of King Henry IV, in the early seventeenth century.

Its construction was given by Louis Metezeau, the ‘architect of King’ Henry IV. Because of its similarity this square is called the “twin sister” of the Place Ducale in Charleville-Mezieres, which was previously built (1606). Continue reading

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Travel to Tunisia with Beautiful beaches

Embark on the adventure of exploring and discovering the beauty and secrets of the interior. One is Ksar Ouled, a fortified city built with adobe in the fifteenth century. One of those places that take the traveler to another time and leave you speechless.

Travel to Tunisia with Beautiful beachesPerched atop a hill in the desert, like all the barns in the region, Ksar Ouled has reached our days almost intact and still used, although not as in its heyday, to store food in one place cool and dry behind thick adobe walls and wooden doors palm. Some have been converted into hotels and others are used as housing.

But most tourists coming to Ksar Ouled are motivated by other interests. And here and in the neighboring town of Tatouine, located about 15 kilometers to the northeast, were filmed several scenes of one of the films of the Star Wars saga, namely “The Phantom Menace”.

In honor of the hospitality of the people of the region and their collaboration during filming, George Lucas named the planet where the action as Tatooine. But this is not the only scenario rolled film in Tunisia: in Achim, on the island of Djerba, is the famous cantina in which Luke met and Han Solo, while in the village of Mos Eisley is the house the Obi Wan Kenobi living in fiction.

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Best pictures from Several tourist attractions

During summer pictures taken with tablets and smartphones multiply. Mobile apps for photo editing, too. With a little imagination and a mobile phone camera can all get the picture of summer.

Best pictures from Several tourist attractionsFor the result not leave anyone indifferent, better take note of these eight apps specifically designed to edit pictures taken with smartphones and tablets.

1 Hipstamatic
Screen capture.

Vintage, fresh and candid photography. The Hipstamatic user shoots square format, used as a traditional reel interface and features a large shutter button. Like it or not analog still in vogue. So as a result if anything even more creative, you can exchange all types of items; objectives from different reels and flashes. All for the sake of finding ways of chemical photography; that retro style that we like: distortions, accented tones, games Contrast … To gild the lily, social community, print option and all kinds of competitions. | Available in App Store (1.79 euros).

2. Color Splash
Photo in black and white colored.

The Color Splash becomes of your photo in black and white for you then (here is its peculiarity) select, gently running a finger over the picture, the details you want to keep color. The end result? Photos artistic, vibrant and creative. To this also help the 37 visual effects that can be incorporated into the image, the four different brushes available to apply the color (hard or soft, opaque or transparent) and the different frameworks that can be added to the final creations, among other many options. | Available in App Store (0.89 euros) and Google Play (free). Continue reading

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The smartphone application for Travel destination

We have become accustomed to Google it almost everything, especially before a trip. What you may ignore is that the search giant has a number of mobile applications that we can be of great help once we are in route.

The smartphone application for Travel destinationSurely, some as Google Maps and you have installed. Others are more obscure. This is a tour for those essential Traveler 2.0 apps.

1. Google Now, the rescue cards

It is our new personal assistant. And it is applied. Even before you leave home is put up in announcing what time we leave the house to get to the airport on time. For that we need to send to Gmail the confirmation of flights and hotel. Now use this data and crossed with our location.

During the trip we were accompanied by showing cards with updated information: time, money exchange, the result of the Madrid derby live if that’s just what you’re missing … the address of your hotel and how to get there. You may also remember where you left the car parked and if dinner time, a nearby restaurant. And as we always have your hands free when traveling, you can also give a Question Now. Say, “Ok Google, rain Monday in Chicago?”; or “Ok Google, what time does the British Museum?” …

2. Google Maps, watchful eye

Needs no introduction. Maps of the Mountain View firm are unrivaled, in spite of them fans of the bitten apple. Google Maps tells you where you are, and where everything else is. It shows you how to get there by car, on foot or by public transport. Tells you how much you will take depending on traffic conditions and provides a list of interesting sites that is around you, from a restaurant to a lookout. All information is current. Another advantage is that you can download a map of a specific destination so you can consult it without being connected to any network. Continue reading

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Choosing a good Yoga for Stress relief

The progressive lack of light seems to warn us that it is less for nonrefundable wool sweater and coat and chills just thinking about it. Definitely not your body or your mind is ready. So, to forget all that accumulated stress, choose one of these five destinations, rest and enjoy.

Choosing a good Yoga for stress relief1. La rosa dei venti 4 (Italy)
Relax in southern Italy

What once was a monastery, then a farmhouse, now a sanctuary dedicated to yoga and meditation. Located on a hill in the countryside a few miles from Martina Franca in Apulia, is the perfect retreat for a quiet and peaceful stay. Proposes a week retreats with accommodation, yoga and meditation classes, workshops and cook homemade meals prepared with care using organic ingredients and the area. If you are someone who get stressed at the thought of getting up at dawn to a yoga class, you’re in luck; La rosa dei venti four classes do not start until 07:45 hours.

2. Eco Yoga, Argyll (Scotland)
The green scenery of Argyll

The Scottish Highlands are the idyllic setting for a rest break. Green hills, forests and lakes populate a largely rural region where Eco Yoga, a center that offers various courses in yoga about four days throughout the year. Among its highlights courses Yoga and Cooking Retreat, which combines two (a more dynamic Ashtanga in the morning and another softer and comforting evening) daily yoga classes to cooking classes in which travelers learn the best vegetarian recipes . And, between classes, you can take time to relax in the sauna or take a hot bath under a glass dome, while watching the breathtaking views outside. Continue reading

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This basilica is a beautiful Roman temple in France

As one of the most important in the country’s historical relics, mostly for storing the remains of San Saturnino, the first bishop of Toulouse . The exterior combines brick and stone, emphasizing its octagonal belfry five-story brick.

This basilica is a beautiful Roman temple in FranceThe Convent of the Jacobins is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture of the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries in southern France. The Church of the Jacobins is presented as a Gothic building dating from the thirteenth century, undoubtedly a landmark building for Toulouse.

The large refectory (dining room) currently serves the complex cultural space that houses temporary exhibitions of modern art, linked to Les Abattoirs, the recent Museum of Contemporary Art in Toulouse.

Housed in the impressive building of the former Augustinian monastery, located in the Old Town of Toulouse, Musee des Augustins is a fine arts museum that houses an outstanding collection of paintings and sculpture from the Middle Ages to the s. XX: Gothic sculpture (FF XIII-XV.), Religious painting (XIV-XVIII.), French painting (ss XVII-XIX.) And above all an exceptional collection of Romanesque sculptures of s. XII who come mainly from the cloister of the Basilica of San Saturnino, the monastery of Our Lady of the Golden and the chapter of the cathedral of San Esteban.

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Gaintanes dizzying landscape Gorge in Malaga

Which runs through the dizzying landscape Gaintanes Gorge in the province of Malaga justly earned the reputation of being the most dangerous ride of Spain, perhaps the world. So much so that it has been closed to the public for many years.

Gaintanes dizzying landscape Gorge in MalagaEl Caminito del Rey was closed by the authorities after five people were killed between 1999 and 2000 plummet from unsafe and precarious wooden walkways. The road, nearly 4 kilometers long, is very tight and the boards are held thanks to the precarious support of steel struts nailed to the rock at an angle of 45 degrees. Now, after major restoration work, the road is much safer and is open again.

This will not pose a deadly risk attached to the cliff walk at a height of over 100 meters above runway irregular Guadalhorce River near the town of El Chorro. Nor adventurers will have to risk large fines (up to € 5,000) with which up to now were penalized reckless.

This trail is over 100 years old. It was built for workers of two hydroelectric plants could go to their jobs from nearby villages. Its name was King Alfonso XIII who inaugurated him personally, the first person who moved through it.

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Enjoy the Beauty of the Aurora Borealis in the Winter

Need to find a point of light pollution free observation (hence away from the cities), avoid full moon and choose a clear night.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Aurora Borealis in the WinterIn short, if we want to find a place that meets all of these features have to travel beyond the Arctic Circle. These are the best travel destinations to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory and be seduced by the magic of nature.

In Norway called “aurora belt” enters the country by the Lofoten Islands and follows the coastline up to the North Cape, in the confines of Europe. This means that no other place on earth offers better opportunities to witness this unique atmospheric phenomenon. Sweden and Finland also give us the privilege, in the region of Lapland, and Iceland.

The chances of seeing the northern lights actually extend all the northern regions of the northern hemisphere: Alaska and Canada, Greenland, Siberia, etc.

There harasses consider before embarking on this adventure: the aurora borealis have no dates or fixed schedules, ie, they are unpredictable, so you have to be patient and go to meet with fingers crossed, always choosing good points observation. Sometimes it comes to wait long hours but when the sky is filled with light distressing realize that I was worth to withstand the cold and waiting.

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The best city full of art and History Narboune

In the south of France is presented as the capital of Narbonne Gaul, being formerly archbishop also the capital and residence of the kings Visigoths of Septimania. Today is a dynamic and thriving Narbonne which still retains an important, both civil and military architectural and religious, which testifies to its rich and diverse past two thousand year history.

The best city full of art and History NarbouneNarbonne is located in the Lower Valley of the Aude river, near the Mediterranean coast of one of the busiest tourist areas in France, with a seaside resort that spans a stretch of 5 kilometers of beach and an entertainment and port leisure.

The city keeps an old town full of history, which is represented by numerous monuments, museums and sites such as the renowned Canal de la Robine, a branch of the Canal du Midi, which offers travelers the possibility of pleasant walks in the air free.

Narbonne is filed with the official label of City of Art and History (Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire), awarded by the French Ministry of Culture due to the rich and varied heritage housed.

For this legacy just enough to tour historical sites such as the Cathedral of San Justo and San Pastor, Font froide Abbey, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Tower Gilles-Aycelin and also has important museums. as the Museum of Art and History, the Archaeological Museum, the Lapidary Museum of Narbonne and Narbonne Roman Horreum museum.

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